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Useful information for tourists about Lyon in France - geographical location, tourist infrastructure, map, architectural features and attractions.

Lyon was built by the Romans in 43 BC and was originally called Lungdunum. In 1998, UNESCO recognized it as the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The city is located in the valley of the Rhone, in its vicinity the Sona River flows into the Rhone. Thanks to this situation, Lyon has become a major river port in France.

Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) is the oldest of the city's neighborhoods. All buildings in the area belong to the Renaissance. It consists of three areas: Saint-Jard, Saint-Paul and Saint-George. Here is the Cathedral of Saint-Jard with the famous astronomical clock. The construction of the cathedral lasted from the 11th to the 14th century, and the clock is the oldest working clock in the world. Fourviere Hill rises above Old Lyon, which can be reached by cable car. At its top is the Notre Dame Temple, built in the Rococo style. It offers a beautiful view of the city. On the southern slope of the hill there is a museum of Gallo-Roman civilization, which contains all the finds from the Rhone Valley, dating back to the Roman Empire. Near the museum are two of the most ancient Roman amphitheaters. Now they are not only reminiscent of the ancient history of the city, but are also used for concerts and cultural events.

There are many museums in Lyon that are worth a visit - this is the Museum of Fine Arts with a rich collection of paintings, sculptures and artworks, the Museum of Textiles, and the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Lyon is the birthplace of the Lumiere brothers, who were the first in the world to make a film on film. The institute, named after these brothers - the Lumiere Institute, tells the story of cinema photography.

The center of fashion and social life in Lyon is the Presqu’ile district, a strip of land between the Rhone and Saone rivers. On its streets are the most chic shops. A place called Terreaux is famous for its restaurants, bars and cafes. On the Comedy Square is the building of the National Opera. Lyon's commercial life boils east of the Rhone River. The airport and the S-Bahn station are located here.скачать dle 11.0фильмы бесплатно


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